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How To Use A QuickLits Study Guide: Our Top Tips

So you’ve bought your first QuickLits study guide and you might be wondering how to get the most out of it. Well, don’t worry – we’ve compiled this little tutorial to show you the best ways to use our guides. Whichever guide(s) you’ve bought, we want to make sure that you get the best marks on your English Literature essays and exams!

QuickLits’ Top Tips For Study Success

  • Make sure that you have thoroughly read the text you are studying. Remember that QuickLits guides are quote-based. Unlike other study providers out there, we don’t provide pages and pages of summaries. Once you’ve got the plot down, you’re ready to go!
  • Start with the Cheat Sheet. On the final page of every QuickLits guide, we have created a handy Cheat Sheet, filled with all of the key themes and literary devices for the novel or play. Start here to get a general overview of what is covered in the guide. You can also print out the Cheat Sheet and use it to help with your revision.
  • Search for specific quotes. If you’re looking for help with a particular quote, use the Search function in your PDF reader (press CTRL + F) to help you locate that exact quote.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the Search function to look for quotes relating to a particular theme or literary device. Just search for the one you need.
  • You can also use the QuickLits guide to memorise a quote. Use the Search function to find the quote you want to learn and write it on an index card. Get a friend to test you, or practice writing it out on the back.
  • You can also use this method to learn our quote analysis. Start with an index card and, on one side, write the quote. On the other side, write the analysis. Test yourself until you feel confident.
  • Best of all, our unique method (found only inside the QuickLits guides) teaches you a foolproof way of analysing quotes. So when you’re in an exam situation, don’t forget to use it. Once you’ve mastered the method, you’re ready to tackle any quote, any time.


We hope you find these tips useful when using your QuickLits guide(s)! If you haven’t bought one yet, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out – click here!





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Introducing the QuickLits Guide to Romeo and Juliet

We are super excited to announce the release of the QuickLits Guide to Romeo and Juliet – just in time for your last-minute revision!

Like all the QuickLits guides, Romeo and Juliet is entirely quote-based. It shows you exactly which quotes you need to learn for each scene of the play and, more importantly, exactly how to analyse them! No fuss, no problem!

If you have a Romeo and Juliet exam coming up, don’t wait – get your copy today! Available as a PDF download here, or you can check it out on Amazon.

PS. Don’t forget to check out our tutorial to make sure that you get the most out of your study guide. Happy studying 🙂

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Exam Motivation Quotes

Here at QuickLits, we know just how stressful exam season can be! But we want you to remember that exam season can be exciting too. We know that sounds like complete s**t, but, seriously, this is your chance to shine! Even better, just think about how great you’ll feel when they’re DONE and you are FREE to enjoy the summer 🙂

And if you’re really not convinced by us, get some inspiration from these quotes 🙂

PS. And remember, exam results don’t define who you are, but sitting exams is one of the best ways to build grit, confidence and determination 🙂

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Free Macbeth Revision Quiz

Test your knowledge with our free revision quiz! Answers are revealed at the end of the quiz, along with your test score! Good luck 🙂


Didn’t do so well? Need to brush up on your Macbeth knowledge? Don’t worry, QuickLits is here to help! Check out our FREE resources here, or go for gold with our brand-new, instant download, QuickLits Guide to Macbeth!



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QuickLits Guides Available on Google Play

We are really excited to announce that all of our study guides are now available to buy on Google Play and Google Play Books! So whatever Android device you have, QuickLits will be there to help you study!

All you need to do is search “QuickLits” to find us!


To celebrate the release of our new QuickLits Guide to Of Mice and Men, this week’s Quote of the Week is taken from that very novel and focuses on one of the most controversial characters, Curley’s Wife:

“She had full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. Her fingernails were red.”

To help us better understand this quote, let’s put it into some context. Firstly, we know that it comes from Chapter Two and, secondly, it provides the reader with an introduction to Curley’s Wife.

Now we’ve got the context, let’s look more closely at Steinbeck’s words. First of all, what’s really striking about this quote is the way that Curley’s Wife appears. Considering she lives on a ranch, we would expect Curley’s Wife to wear more modest, practical clothes, but we actually find the very opposite: she is wandering around looking more like a Hollywood film star than someone who lives on a hot, dusty ranch in California.

What does this tell us about Curley’s Wife?

Well, for a start, it suggests that she is very concerned about her appearance – maybe even to the point of vanity. But what’s really important is the fact that everything she is wearing is RED. Red fingernails, red cheeks, red lips. Why is red important? Because red is colour that is associated with love, sexuality and DANGER. Steinbeck is literally waving a red flag in front of her, warning George and Lennie (and the reader) that Curley’s Wife poses danger.


Why would Steinbeck link Curley’s Wife to danger?

Well, take a look at the events of Chapter Five. In this chapter, Lennie accidentally kills her. By doing thus, Lennie doesn’t only put his own life in danger, he also shatters the dream of ever owning a ranch with George. Steinbeck is, therefore, foreshadowing these dangers by associating Curley’s Wife with the colour red (and danger).

Clever, eh?

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Quote of the Week: “She Had Full Rouged Lips.”