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Introducing the New and Improved PDF: QuickLits Guide to Macbeth

We have just updated our QuickLits Guide to Macbeth. We’ve refreshed the look and made it available to download instantly as a PDF!

We’d love for you to come and check it out here.

Not sure about it? Take a look at some of our recent reviews:

A great, concise guide for many students like me, who have to memorise the quotes. These quotes have a straightforward ‘Who, What and Why’ layout which makes it easy for people to make notes on. This makes it possible to use in essays and remember them easily, with context and explain why it links to the question. It also allows you to start your paragraphs and be precise.  This study guide is different to many other guides I have used a student myself – other guides waffle on, and sometimes use flowery vocab which can confuse many GCSE students.  I would definitely recommend this to students who are stuck wondering which quotations are necessary to learn.
Amber, aged 15: QuickLits Guide to Macbeth.
A very clear, structured guide which highlights the most vital quotes to use for Macbeth. It provides information about the most important ones, as well as context and reasoning for them. Has helped my revision nicely.
Ryan, aged 16. QuickLits Guide to Macbeth.
The guide contains many many helpful quotes with detailed explanations. Honestly a really helpful guide and it has saved me from almost failing English literature. Amazing cheat sheet at the end as well. Nice and concise.
Joe, aged 16. QuickLits Guide to Macbeth.



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